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Forest Refuge – Schedule

IMS's Forest Refuge program supports experienced meditators in sustained, longer-term retreat practice. A personal retreat, under the guidance of the following teachers, helps strengthen practice faith, confidence and self-reliance.

2017 Schedule
2018 Schedule

2017 Schedule

Mar 1 – Mar 31 ^ Sayadaw U Jagara & Shaila Catherine *FULL*
Apr 1 – Apr 30 + Joseph Goldstein & Caroline Jones *full, long waitlist*
May 1 – May 31 ° Rodney Smith & Narayan Liebenson*FULL*
Jun 1 – Jun 30 * Sayadaw U Vivekananda  *FULL*
Jul 1 – Jul 31 Winnie Nazarko & Caroline Jones
Aug 1 – Aug 31 Annie Nugent & Caroline Jones
Sep 1 – Sep 30 Susan O’Brien & Caroline Jones
Oct 1 – Oct 31 ** Thanissara & Kittisaro *full, long waitlist*
Nov 1 – Nov 10 Susan O’Brien & Caroline Jones
Nov 11 – Nov 30 Annie Nugent & Caroline Jones
Dec 1 – Dec 31 Greg Scharf & Caroline Jones
++ Arrivals and departures are not possible January 18–24, 2017.  
^ This retreat, “Shifting Gears – How and When to Change Meditation Methods,” will be based on a naturally-occurring process that the Buddha made explicit in his over-arching framework for meditation practice. Talks will highlight the steps of this Gradual Training and why they can be helpful in our current high-velocity world. With guidance, retreatants will learn to identify and train themselves in each mode of deepening mindfulness.
Participants are expected to observe the eight precepts, if they are able to do so. Priority will be given to anyone applying for the full month of March or longer.
+ Priority will be given to anyone applying for the full month of April or longer; a minimum stay of two weeks is required. Arrivals or departures will only be possible on April 1, 15 or 30. A lottery was held for this retreat in 2016, and filled at that time. There is currently a long wait list.
° A minimum stay for the full month of May is required. Participants will be encouraged to follow Rodney and Narayan's schedule and instructions. Their retreat will focus on freeing awareness from the bonds of our personal narrative and mental projections, so that it is no longer governed by our fears or compulsions. Teacher guidance will help retreatants to strengthen a fearless presence that holds all life in love and without contraction.
* Participants are expected to follow Sayadaw's schedule and instructions, which include observance of the eight precepts, if they are able to do so. Priority will be given to anyone applying for the full month of June or longer.
** Priority will be given to anyone applying for the full month of October or longer. A minimum stay of two weeks is required, with arrivals and departures on October 1 or 15.

2018 Schedule

The 2018 teaching schedule will be posted here during the first week of April 2017.

Please note

  • A self-sustaining practice is necessary to undertake a Forest Refuge retreat.
  • The teaching schedule may change without notice. It is our intention that retreatants will have the opportunity to practice with a variety of experienced and well-qualified insight meditation teachers.
  • When retreat space is limited, priority will be given to those applying for longer stays.

Supporting our teachers

Here at IMS, our teachers are continuing the ancient Buddhist monastic tradition of freely offering the teachings while living in the midst of contemporary society. What this means is that they rely on the generosity of retreat participants for a sustainable income.

There is an opportunity at the end of your personal retreat to make an offering to teachers – this is known as teacher dana. At the Forest Refuge, where retreatants often stay for long periods, IMS supplements teacher dana as needed to provide an adequate offering.

Your contributions help teachers to lead a life devoted to teaching both at IMS and in other parts of the world, including communities without the means to donate. Your gifts also allow teachers to take time for their own practice, ensuring that their teachings are continuously enriched.

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