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Diversity Actions

The actions we have undertaken in recent years are:

  • Multiple trainings for Board, teachers and staff members about racism's individual, institutional and cultural roots, and its continuing impact on our society .
  • Recruitment of five Board members of color.
  • A survey of those who’ve attended our annual People of Color retreat to learn about their experiences at IMS.
  • Focus groups with retreatants of color to learn how to make IMS more supportive of their practice.
  • Expanding the overall diversity of IMS's teaching faculty.
  • Creation of a voluntary and anonymous retreatant questionnaire to help us measure our progress towards building a flourishing and more diverse community.
  • Developed a concrete and comprehensive three-year plan to further realize our mission and vision.
  • Raised significant funds to support longer-term practice for people of color who might not otherwise afford the cost. In 2013, an historic 40% of participants in IMS's annual Three-Month Retreat will be meditators of color.
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